Design debt —  ‘what’ and ‘why’
The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of design debt

Monday afternoon. Kick-off meeting. This new project looks very promising, you may have discovered a niche no one knew about. It turns out, you need notifications. “Great! We have a notification system. It shouldn’t be an issue”, you think. How naive…

A quick exchange of sentences. Everyone realizes you already inform [annoy] your user with toast notifications, notifications feed, and bottom overlays. The list doesn’t end here. Occasionally, you even go so as far as showing full-screen popups if the information is ‘really important’. You also send emails…and use Intercom to better ‘connect’ with your users.

Quite a desperate look.

Measuring design debt

This article references information from the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of design debt. Please, consider reading it for more context before moving forward.

In this piece, we’ll dive into the topic of measuring design debt. I’ll walk you through the qualitative and quantitative measurements and share how to put them into practice based on my experiences. You’ll benefit from this article the most if you find yourself struggling to pay off design debt in your organization or getting buy-in for this initiative. Enjoy!

Someone smart told me once that every product, purposefully or not, starts with design. …

Alicja Suska

Product Designer & Illustrator 🌟

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